Furniture Rental: Power to the Purchasing Officers

Office furniture rental is an oft-overlooked strategy when it comes to keeping operating costs down for one simple reason: Most people assume it’s cheaper to buy, long-term, than it is to rent a comparable amount of furniture.  While this is theoretically true, given a long enough time frame and when comparing like amounts of furniture, this overlooks the important and common issue of seasonal differences in need.

 What money might be saved by buying vs. renting can often be offset or negated by the fact that some furniture is going unused for large portions of the year, leading to unwanted and unnecessary storage costs.

In addition to storage costs, there are other hidden costs to buying furniture, which include the maintenance, management, and repair of pieces year-round.

These costs can be mitigated by opting to rent furniture to meet seasonal demands.  Organizations where this route is particularly useful include institutions of higher learning, where member ranks swell and contract significantly according to specific dates on a calendar.  Hotels and convention centers, where large meetings are often held during conference season, can also benefit from this method of accommodation.

For a more in-depth treatment on this matter, read the article here, which discusses the  benefits of opting for rental furniture from a more in-depth, purchasing officer perspective.  It’s worth a read.

CORT is proud to offer furniture for rent at competitive prices.  While the thrust of this post dealt primarily with office furniture, that’s not all we cover.  We also offer home rental furniture and clearance furniture across the country and around the world.  Whether your needs are for the furnishing of one efficiency apartment in your city, or for providing banks of office call systems halfway around the world, we’ve got you covered.  With CORT, wherever you’re going, we’ll be there.