CORT Brings New Life to Hospitality Space in Historic Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre (the Greek) is one of the most iconic amphitheatres in music and entertainment, not just on the west coast, but across the nation. In recent years, the Greek has gone through a lot of change, including the City of Los Angeles regaining control of the venue and undergoing new management. The Greek also set out with a new vision to restore and enhance the theatre, while still preserving its historical elements.

One goal was to maintain the mid-century feel of the theatre through any design work, as well as preserving the intimacy and integrity of the venue. A strong emphasis was placed on the backstage area – including the hospitality space, dressing rooms, chorus rooms and “meet and greet” area – to ensure the space would be accommodating and entertaining to performers and guests before, during and after the shows.

In the fall of 2017, the City called on CORT – a long-time partner of the Greek – to redesign a section of the backstage area and provide an innovative furnishing solution for the upcoming season.

CORT began furnishing the hospitality space in March 2018 by installing multiple pieces, including Harrison sofas, Oscar white leather chairs, Sierra sideboards and Quorum café tables with Duet stools. These pieces were specifically chosen to provide the quality and durability necessary to withstand constant use from artists using the space on a nightly basis. The furniture package was also designed to be versatile enough to be removed following events, allowing the theatre’s staff to use the room as an office space during the day. Once the artists’ furniture was removed, the Greek’s staff could bring in their furnishings, also provided by CORT, to complete office work and prepare for the next event.

“After meeting with CORT, they knew exactly how to create the fun and exciting environment we needed for our artists, while still producing a functional space for our team to work during office hours,” said Becky Colwell, SMG Greek Theatre General Manager. “Their hands-on approach and willingness to work with our team throughout the process assured us we had the best possible solution for the space.”

In addition to the hospitality space, CORT updated the backstage dressing rooms, chorus rooms and a separate “meet and greet” area, where fans and guests can interact with artists before and after performances. CORT brought a fresh look to this space by installing a Kennedy sofa, Marlowe cocktail table, Sydney dining table and Marco chairs.

“At the Greek Theatre, our number one priority is creating an exciting and hospitable experience for artists and guests while they are here,” said Anthony-Paul Diaz, Executive Officer & Chief of Staff, L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks. “The standard is excellence in all we do, so our partners need to be committed to the same level of product and service. CORT fits this need perfectly, and we look forward to seeing their creative visions continue to evolve to keep the venue dynamic and functioning for visitors and artists.”

The feedback from artists and guests of the Greek has been phenomenal. Performers have praised the innovative design and functionality of the furniture, which contributes to the accommodating environment the Greek Theatre has always prided itself on.

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