Clearance Furniture: US Census Rentals Now Available

Desk and chair in a spacious officeWhen you think of the U.S. Census, the thought of clearance furniture may not be the first to come to mind. But now, with the CORT rental furniture used to execute this year’s Census being returned to our warehouses, the correlation runs deep. We’re excited to offer some incredible deals on both rental and retail clearance furniture from our inventories of Census furniture in many cities nationwide. If your business, organization or even your home office is in need of high-quality furnishings at a great value, this is the opportunity of the decade.

The U.S. Census is a huge logistical undertaking that requires the services of a qualified furniture rental operation with large-scale experience. CORT deftly serviced the operation, furnishing hundreds of temporary offices in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The furnishings used in these Census offices is high-quality and only lightly used, so instead of storing it back at our warehouses, we’re making it available at amazing clearance furniture discounts to the public.

The practice of counting  every individual resident of the U.S. has been going on since 1790, occurring every ten years. The Census is a means of recording an accurate population count and survey of households. The results are used to proportionately allocate Congressional seats, determine electoral vote counts, and dictate plans for funding government programs. This year’s Census numbers have yet to be determined, but the most recent results from 2000 show the nation’s population at 281,421,906.

That’s a lot of people who could potentially need new furniture! Simply fill out the form on our Census page or call a CORT Representative at 1-888-360-2678 to learn about clearance furniture availability in your area. If your needs for clearance furniture are short-term, consider renting. For those requiring something more long-term, much of this clearance furniture will be available for retail sale. An opportunity like this only comes around once a decade, so take advantage today!