Rent or Buy: What Makes Sense for Your Business or Your Home?

Furnishing a workplace or residence follows the same process for most people and companies. It starts with selecting “style” and “function”, determining your budget, and then choosing a furniture provider that has the best selection and service based on your criteria.

But does this process work? Ask yourself – did you ever buy furniture and later wish you hadn’t?  Well, there is a more forgiving approach to furnishing a space in case your situation or style changes over time.

For example, in the workplace, there are many factors that affect how much office furniture is needed and when, such as growth or right-sizing based on market conditions, new product or service initiatives, and the need to stay competitive.

What if you decided to save your capital and accommodate business peaks and valleys with furniture rental?  Capital is paramount for any company, from startups to major corporations. Company leaders need to conserve their capital in order to reinvest in the business.  Furniture rental offers businesses the ability to conserve capital so they may take advantage of growth yet remain flexible throughout the journey.

Before deciding whether to rent or buy, ask yourself these three questions to determine if furniture rental is right for your company:

  1. Is there a desire to save capital for areas of the business where you can get a greater ROI?
  2. Are you in the financial position to take on the long-term costs of ownership, which can be significant?
  3. Is your work environment going to change over the next several years, warranting the need for flexibility?

If you want to save capital and reduce overhead, while keeping your options open, then furniture rental is the right answer for your business.

CORT’s services provide companies with what they need for today’s office – open or private workspaces, seating, lounge areas, conference areas, and everything furniture-related for getting the office fully operational.

Furniture rental allows companies to:

  • Optimize the use of capital to invest in growth and development rather than fixed assets
  • Invest in the latest technology or the acquisition of top talent
  • Increase flexibility to accommodate changing workplace needs. This includes the flexibility to reconfigure the work environment and respond to fluctuating headcount
  • Reduce project implementation costs when adding office space
  • Minimize long-term costs and hassle of managing furniture, including repairs/maintenance and storage/disposal when the furniture is no longer needed or becomes outdated

Purchasing workplace furniture, on the other hand, requires:

  • Significant upfront investment in depreciating assets
  • Cost of ongoing maintenance and repair
  • The expense of shipping or storage of furniture
  • Inventory management and administration expense
  • Redeployment and decommissioning costs at project end

No matter what your goals may be, CORT’s team of professionals takes the time to understand your business strategy and furniture needs. They will work with you to create a game plan for your office evolution.

In addition to the business benefits of furniture rental, you also reduce waste and lessen your consumption of the earth’s resources.  Furniture rental contributes to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle initiatives.

CORT conducted a supply chain greenhouse gas analysis with the help of ClearCarbon Consulting. The goal was to better understand some of the environmental impacts and benefits of its rental model. The results of the analysis revealed that, when compared to a traditional furniture retail model, CORT’s rental model produces fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs). GHGs come from both natural and man-made sources and exist in the atmosphere.

When Does Furniture Rental Make Sense for the Home

Everyone can think back on a time when their life was in transition.  Whether commuting or relocating to another state or country for a new job, a student heading off to school, a soldier transferring military bases, or a divorcee or empty nester starting over.  CORT helps you to be more flexible and mobile, from helping you find a temporary or permanent place to live, to furnishing it the way you want so you’re settled and ready to start living in your new place.

Furniture rental makes it easier to get from “here to there” and CORT makes it easy to fully furnish your new place.  You can choose from a variety of items such as living room and dining room pieces to bedroom suites, housewares, and accessories for a completely well-designed living space. When it’s time for delivery, CORT’s professionals not only deliver but also set up your order down to the last pillow, lampshade, and spoon.

Benefits of furniture rental for the home

  • Ease the relocation stress for employees and their families
  • Provide an alternative to the high cost of shipping furniture to support temporary assignments
  • Eliminate the hassle of temporary living arrangements for employees and your company’s expenditures on duplicate housing
  • Give families and individuals in transition more flexibility and a variety of options for housing and décor
  • Furniture is there when you need it and gone when you don’t

So, the next time opportunity comes in the form of change, ask yourself should I rent or buy?  Choosing furniture rental with CORT could be the best option to provide your business with the freedom to invest in growth and provide you with a furnished home waiting for you when you get there, wherever “there” may be.