Wondering how to choose a bed that will be both comfortable and attractive in your bedroom?

Make sure you know the basics, like overall dimensions for headboard height and width, but also pay attention to details that require more consideration.

Use these tips to guide your bed selection process.

With some planning, you can arrive at the right choice that balances style and substance for a good night's sleep.

Do it in just five steps


A combined height of about 30 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress is usually considered high, while a height of about 18 inches is low. 

Consider Height

Consider getting a bed with built-in storage or with enough clearance between the frame and the floor to allow the use of under-bed storage bins.


Don't Forget Storage

Headboard material can have a strong impact on style in your room, but color and texture aren't the only important things to consider.


Choose the Right Headboard Material

Some beds have bases that use slats or other support pieces that don't require a box spring or foundation. Others are designed specifically to support one of these foundational pieces. Make sure you know which of these styles you're choosing.


Understand the Base

Bedroom sets are always an option, but you may find yourself wanting to assemble your own pieces. If this is the case, start by picking the bed you want and choosing end tables, dressers, and accents that have a similar look and feel.


Stay True to Your Style