CORT Events Shares Top Event Design Trends for 2016

CORT Events, the nation’s leading furniture, lighting and accessories rental company, announces the top event furnishings design trends for planning a remarkable and unforgettable event in 2016: Technology, Danish modern designs and Hollywood Regency.


Technology continues to shape events in a profound manner, and planners must design event spaces that incorporate it into their plans without sacrificing the aesthetic. From touch screen monitors to iPads and mobile apps that help facilitate engagement, providing access to information in a convenient way allows attendees to focus on learning and networking.

Technology also requires battery power and plenty of charging areas to keep guests connected.

“We’re living in an era where we get anxious without our smart phones,” said Kevin Dana, executive director of marketing and product development at CORT Events. “Attendees expect a relaxing place to charge their devices at events, meetings and conferences, but they still want to be engaged with other attendees and presenters while doing it. No one wants to put their phone down to charge it and miss an important email or Instagram post.”

CORT offers a complete powered furnishings collection to give planners options for plugging in their technology and providing power to event attendees. Whether it’s powered G30 communal tables or the new Endless powered sectionals; there’s a range of powered solutions that seamlessly incorporate charging into furniture.

Danish Modern Design

Another top trend for 2016 is the growing resurgence of Danish modern designs. The simplistic forms, quality craftsmanship and warm, organic qualities such as wood are rich and enduring. Wood-framed soft seating combined with organic elements like greenery and softer color shades help ground an event and create a sense of calm. Pantone’s Spring 2016 color palette emphasizes relaxation, but also a sense of curiosity and exploration which reflects this trend.

CORT introduced several new collections for 2016 that translate this trend for the event planner including the new Danish modern inspired Larson sofa and chair featuring a walnut wood frame base and white vinyl seats. Modern minimalism and mid-century silhouettes are still red hot and the Scandinavian influence of CORT’s new Wagner chair with soft, cream-colored fur upholstery and rounded walnut legs keep this trend fresh and exciting.

Hollywood Regency

The Hollywood Regency trend continues to expand into secondary markets as clients seek colors, fabrics and textures that add glamour to their events and provide an eclectic one-of-a-kind style. Often the addition of one or two statement pieces into an event plan can elevate the entire look. CORT’s new white Dome chair, a French inspired piece, is a great example of something that adds an element of surprise that attendees will talk about and remember. CORT’s complete collection includes a range of high-end, modern furnishings that create old Hollywood era designs, including the Wilshire and Draper seating collections.

“As the economy improves, clients are less afraid to take chances and create an over the top event that exudes opulence and incorporates many disparate design elements,” said Dana.

Well known event designer Jordan Carbotti of Perfect Surroundings, International adds, “Events are becoming more eclectic every day. The return of bold, vibrant colors, mixed patterns, and the use of multiple textures is becoming increasingly prominent within the special event landscape.”

Mixing patterns, styles and furnishings enables event designers to capitalize on all of the hot trends and create an unforgettable event. “The use of multiple geometric prints, metallic surfaces paired with more rustic wood finishes, tailored greenery, and the combination of indoor and outdoor furnishings and design elements is truly creating unique spaces that make guests feel as though they are somewhere special. It’s the attention to these details that creates lasting impressions for our guests,” said Carbotti.

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