Military PCS Move Tips: Helping Your Kids Moving to a New School

For active-duty members of the military, a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) can be overwhelming, especially when it involves children. A military PCS move usually means that your kids will be leaving their friends and activities behind and starting over in a new place. Although moving to a new school can be hard emotionally, there are ways to ease the stress. These tips help make the adjustment go more smoothly for both you and your children.

Give Notice

You don’t have complete control over how much time you have to prepare your children for a military move, but it helps to let them know as soon as possible. This gives them time to process what’s happening and mentally prepare for the move. Encourage your children to talk with you about their feelings, and answer any questions they might have. Be patient with them as they adjust to this new phase of their lives.

Get Informed

If you’re able to choose between several schools, then you’ll want to make the best decisions possible. Take the time to research your options. If your choices are limited, it’s still important to do your homework. The more informed you are, the better equipped you’ll be to answer your children’s questions, ease their fears, and make the best choices for your family. Once you know where you’re headed, forward your kids’ school records to the appropriate location so that your kids are ready for a fresh start on their first day.

Take a Tour

The fear of the unknown can be uncomfortable for many children, which is why touring the new school and meeting their new teacher can ease a lot of these fears. Provide the teacher with information about your child’s educational background, likes, and dislikes. The more she knows, the more she’ll be able to aid in this transition. If you have a young child who will be taking the bus, visit the bus stop before the first day; if you’ll be driving, then do a practice run before school starts.

Stay Involved

Volunteer in the classroom if you can, and be sure to attend after-school events or extracurricular activities. When you take an active role, you’ll be well versed in your child’s new environment, and your child will feel more confident knowing that you are often close by.

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