Wedding Trends to Keep in 2020 and Ditch in 2021

2020 is a year that changed everything, especially if you had plans to get married. From offering PPE to guests to cutting down the guest list to meet state guidelines, couples had to make some major changes to their big day. Many even opted to cancel the event and reschedule for 2021. Either way, it’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a major impact on 2021’s wedding trends. But so will environmental issues, style, digitalization, and a desire to make the experience more personalized than ever. With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a list of wedding trends you will see more of in 2021.  

Not Having a Green Wedding 

Everyone is thinking about their environmental footprint these days, and that way of thinking extends to wedding planning in 2021 more than ever. Couples consider sustainability and how their big day impacts the environment by making choices on everything from the type of flowers they use — locally sourced, in-season — to the way their food is served (less plastic materials, more recycling). 

Couples are also doing away with single-use items that end up discarded in landfills after the big event. For example, choosing rental furniture to stage the big day has a positive long-term impact on the planet. Our landfills are currently overcrowded, and furniture is the number one culprit. So, when you work with a company like CORT, you’re supporting the environment. Our high-quality rental furniture goes through many life cycles instead of ending up in a landfill after a few uses. When we’re finished with it, we sell it to a new owner. 

White, Gold, Gray and Pastel Colors

White weddings have been a longstanding tradition, and in more recent years, gray, gold, and pastel have become staple colors. But couples are doing away with understated tones and choosing big and bold instead. They’re choosing exotic flowers and brightly-colored decor, ranging from the furniture to the napkins. And the sentiment extends to dresses too. Brides in all white are out, while brides in vibrant blues, greens, burgundies, and violets, as well as bold patterns, are in. 

Big One-Day Weddings 

Many people think of weddings as one-day occasions. You send out an invitation to everyone you know, and they come for the ceremony and reception afterward. In 2021, you’ll see couples turning these elaborate one-day events into weekend-long experiences for their closest family and friends. This means cutting down the number of guests and the size of the bridal party. It also means choosing a venue or location that has more to offer than a beautiful backdrop where you’ll say your vows. For example, instead of inviting 200 guests to a local event space, you’ll narrow it down to 30 and invite them to a trendy beach resort where they can stay for a few days and snorkel and sunbathe before you say “I do.” This trend is also leading couples away from traditional event spaces in favor of sites like greenhouses, outdoor spots, farms, restaurants, and historic homes.   


After the COVID-19 pandemic, this one is probably a no-brainer. 2020 is the year that wedding buffets became a thing of the past. Instead, couples will opt for sit-down meals featuring the couple’s favorite foods, whether it’s something casual like barbecue or pizza or a more formal meal like fillet mignon or rack of lamb. Not only is it a safer option to help reduce the risks of contagious disease, but having someone serve your guests while they chat and enjoy each other’s company makes them feel special. 

Recreating Pinterest and Instagram Weddings

When planning your 2021 wedding, don’t go to Instagram or Pinterest to see what everyone else is doing. 2020 has taught us to remember what’s important in life. Instead of planning a wedding that photographs well, couples will plan one that shows off who they are as people and how important their family and friends are to them. From choosing customs from your family’s cultural background to having your favorite restaurant cater the affair, customization is all the rage. Your guests should have no doubt that it’s your wedding. CORT can help you bring any vision you have for your big day to life.  

Not Live-Streaming

If you want to remember your wedding day for years to come — and who doesn’t? — ditch the photographer who takes thousands of staged photos and hire a high-quality videographer to capture every moment, down to the time your Aunt Shirley spills her punch on the best man or your dad shows off his hidden hip hop dance moves. Even better, make sure you live-stream your ceremony and reception for those who can’t make it because they’re still quarantined due to COVID-19 or they just can’t get into town for the event. 

When you choose CORT Eventsl for your big day, we turn your inspiration into reality. We can execute your ideas and help create the wedding of your dreams, one you’ll remember for a lifetime. Whether you’re not sure where to start or you have an idea and just need a boost with implementation, we’ve got you covered. Visit the CORT Events website today to learn more.


Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels