Plan The Details With Event Furniture

event furniturePlanning a spectacular corporate event or trade show is quite a bit of work. There are thousands of details, large and small, to prepare and logistical issues to work out.  At CORT, we are recognized for our rental and clearance furniture for both businesses and the home. Our housing and destination services also help assist with making a move for companies and individuals seamless and efficient. And we specialize in providing a comfortable, glamorous layout for corporate events and tradeshows.

We believe that designing and furnishing an inviting event atmosphere should be seamless, not stressful. Getting started is easy, and there is no need to break out a pencil or graph paper to begin planning for success. CORT provides an easy-to-use, online interactive space-planning tool that will help you design the perfect event area. There is no software to install, and whether your dimensions need to match the layout of your event space or they fit our preexisting templates, you can quickly and easily get a feel for the event arrangement.

Of course, a great design requires the right look and feel. Simply drag and drop the images of CORT’s event furniture catalog directly onto your layout. You may easily add photos and measure distance and dimensions to get a better understanding of space requirements. And, with a multitude of event furniture choices and styles, your guests will feel comfortable and entertained.

If event blueprints aren’t for you, leave the designing to us. Our specialized account executives can assist in the development of professional space plans — bringing your imagination to life — so you can focus on the bigger details of your event.

Whether you are planning for a major gala, large corporate function, or an award show — no matter the event — CORT can help you make the festivities unique and memorable. Contact a CORT representative today to learn more.