Color Me CORT Makes a Splash in Dallas

You’ve never been to an event like this. On November 6, CORT Events invited distinguished guests and event planners from the greater Dallas area to an unforgettable evening of color and excitement, hosted at Venue Forty|50 in Addison, Texas.

With more than 250 VIP guests in attendance, CORT Events worked with the Perfect Surroundings design team to embrace the vibrancy and diversity of Dallas. With pops of curated color, fresh combinations of beautiful event furnishings, and surprises throughout the night, guests were greeted with excitement at every turn. The event space was drenched in color and light to bring the theme of the evening, “Color Me CORT” to life.

The venue featured out-of-the-box furniture configurations, including six hexagonal seating arrangements that encouraged conversation and mingling. The event space also played up the indoor/outdoor trend by blending the indoor space with a quieter outdoor patio space, designed with unique configurations of the modular Dune collection. Luna columns adorned with beautiful graphics added a touch of personalization while bathing the room in a warm glow, and unpredictable combinations of accent pillows added a level of vibrancy throughout the venue.

Evan Carbotti, owner and designer at Perfect Surroundings, shared his testimonial around how CORT’s colorful offerings created a night like no other. Carbotti said, “Color Me CORT allowed us to showcase how a color-filled event can be just as refined as a black and white event. We had so much fun playing with the colorful options CORT offers and leaning into Dallas’ wild side for an event that was unexpected and engaging.”

Combined with boundary-breaking event design, pop art and a graffiti wall added edginess to the event space. The team mixed classic and modern design elements and allowed seating to feel irregular and fun. Mixing traditional Fielding chairs with Hayworth cocktail tables, and sleek Baja Sofas with versatile Beverly Bench Ottomans, made the space feel eclectic yet comfortable and curated.

Throughout the evening, CORT surprised and delighted VIP event attendees, including LeeAnne Locken from the Real Housewives of Dallas, with unexpected entertainment and amazing giveaways. America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, Steve Kemble, facilitated the evening’s entertainment, including singers, dancers and disco ninjas who revved up the dance floor. Attendees received prizes throughout the night, including fine food and drink, a Dallas food tour, a Ritz Carlton spa package, Apple products and designer travel gear.

This VIP Event showcased how CORT Events can help customers create events that push the envelope without losing elegance, while serving as a thank you to the amazing industry partners who look to CORT to furnish their events year after year.