CORT San Diego Provides Furniture to Victims of Domestic Violence

CORT San Diego recently deepened its commitment to Supportive Housing Organizations by partnering with South Bay Community Services (SBCS), a community-based nonprofit that offers programs and services in response to the needs of the community, providing the support and tools needed for individuals and families to overcome challenges to live a more sustainable life.

To date, CORT has furnished apartments for more than 53 families affected by domestic violence.

“The relief we are able to bring these families by offering a safe and comfortable living space is truly rewarding,” says Lee Otto, retail manager, CORT San Diego. “Growing up as a witness of domestic violence, I understand the hardships many families face and feel a personal obligation to play a role in helping them to get back on their feet.”

SBCS offers many services for children and families and strives to transform communities through comprehensive and coordinated services and programming. CORT’s support allows SBCS to provide a home away from home for families as they transition into a healthier living environment.

“Working with CORT in furnishing the homes of domestic abuse victims and their families has afforded South Bay Community Services the opportunity to bring so much comfort and happiness to families,” explains Valerie Centeno, South Bay Community Services Program Director, Family Violence Shelter & Supportive Services. “It is truly heartwarming to see kids with their new bed when all they had was a couch to sleep on or seeing their mother’s tears of joy because she can finally sit down to eat at a table with her children. In the end, together, we are not just furnishing homes, we are helping families build themselves back up.”

Thank you to the San Diego community for your support of this worthy cause!