CORT Hosts Veterans at Nashville Sounds Baseball Game

This month, CORT partnered with Operation Stand Down Tennessee (OSDT) to host local veterans at a Nashville Sounds baseball game, free of charge. Not only did this moment serve as an opportunity to give back to the local community, it gave CORT the chance to uplift and celebrate the men and women who fought to serve and protect this country.

OSDT is a local nonprofit that provides veterans and their families with transitional housing, counseling and employment services, and homelessness prevention programs—at no cost.

“Partnering with Operation Stand Down Tennessee is a great opportunity for our team to support the men and women of the military who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms,” said Kain Develle, showroom sales manager at CORT.

CORT’s work with OSDT extends far beyond the Nashville Sound’s baseball stadium. Outside of the ballpark, CORT strives to help veterans facing tough times combat the obstacles plaguing them and their families by offering substantial discounts to participants of supportive housing programs.

“Establishing connections with individuals so strong and so resilient puts all of the work behind-the-scenes into perspective, making the moment even more fulfilling,” said Develle.

As the national anthem was performed on the pitcher’s mound, CORT, along with the veterans and OSDT, participated in a moment that’s indescribable—yet powerful.

Thank you to the Nashville CORT team for your support of this worthy cause!