The 6 Worst (and Avoidable) Things About Furnishing Your New Place for College

6. Dumpster Diving 
You could use a chair like this! (And a shower.)
5. Freaky Online Ads
Found a couch online. Comes with free nightmares.
4. Assembly Hassle
Because you don’t have your degree in engineering…not yet anyway.
3. Questionable Movers
“Jimmy could lift an ox. He was state wrestling champion in 1963.”
2. Hand-Me-Downs
They just don’t make sofas like this anymore…for a reason.
1. Wasting Your Entire Day
Unless hauling furniture around town all day is your idea of fun, CORT will deliver and set up your entire student package, starting at $99 a month. All you have to do is show up!
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