Reports have shown that sitting less - whether by standing while working or taking breaks to walk around - can improve productivity, energy and

In 2014, Baptist Health, the largest non-profit hospital network in Miami, broke ground on a $400 million cancer treatment and research center at their

In March, CORT announced a partnership with Stay Alfred, the first nationwide urban vacation rental company! Along with offering the high-quality, stylish furnishings of

CORT's merchandising team travels the world to find the latest decor. Check out the top trends they spotted at the 2016 International Furniture Fair!

Entrepreneurs spur the American economy, create jobs and drive innovation. However, studies show that nearly 90 percent of small businesses fail. Minimizing upfront costs

For many businesses, the ability to adapt to change is the difference between finding success and shutting down. CORT asked IFMA World Workplace attendees