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Advantages of Furniture Rental

For first-year students, moving out of the nest and into a college living environment can be overwhelming thanks to the stress of living on a budget, making new friends, and furnishing your first place. CORT offers several customized student furniture rental packages geared specifically toward students with special, discounted pricing with a valid student ID card, so you can have all the comforts of home while away at school.

Make the most out of small spaces

The transition into a dorm or college apartment can be tough! Student housing units are small and students may feel cramped or uncomfortable in their new space.

Tips below help transform these small spaces from a claustrophobic cubicle into a student sanctuary.

student furniture rentalAuthor Miriam Beard once said, “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Studying abroad in college will not only open your eyes to a whole new world of people, places, and studies, but it will help you see the world in a whole new way.

student furniture rentalFor international exchange students, studying in the US can be an unforgettable experience. However, managing the details of finding a roommate, moving in and navigating all of the preparation can be extremely unsettling, especially when you are also dealing with a new culture and in many cases, a new language.

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Favorite Family RecipesYoung adults going off to college for the first time are often excited about starting the next chapter of their life.  However, once the boxes are unpacked and the pictures are hung on the wall, homesickness can settle in and have you missing many of your favorite things from home, especially home-cooked meals.

space planningThere is a bright spot in commercial real estate, and it’s streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows in office spaces around the country. From traditional businesses to tech startups, modern, open workspaces are all the rage in major metropolitan areas across the country.

furniture rentalAs warmer weather is fast-approaching, you might start thinking about how to liven up your décor or furniture rental to welcome spring and summer.  But how to do it without spending a fortune?  Decorating seasonally can be a challenge, but the key is flexibility and creativity.  This week at CORT Furniture Rental, we reached out to our followers and to decorating experts to find out how you stay on trend from season to season with your home décor.

furniture rentalSpring is here and summer is quickly on its way. In addition to getting your shorts out for the onslaught of sunshine, there’s also no better time to dive back into experimenting with food and hosting dinners. If you’re interested in entertaining this summer, don’t let your dining room dissuade you–here are some simple and quick ways to spruce it up for those afternoon brunches and dinners that go late into the night.


relocationThe relocation industry looks vastly different today than it did in 2007. In the past, more than 60 percent of relocating employees were homeowners; today, more than 70 percent of relocating employees are renters.  In fact, executives and their families are driving growth in single-family home rentals.  With this shift, corporate relocation policies are changing, impacting how HR professionals support employees in transition.

home furniture rentalAs National Moving Month draws to a close, we at CORT Home Furniture Rental want to share some practical tips for moving your electronics.  When transporting your PC, home theatre, and other electronics from home to home, you might be nervous about making sure everything goes smoothly.  After all, there’s nothing like arriving at your new home with a cracked flat screen to put a damper on the moving process. 

furniture rentalIn continuation with the theme of National Moving Month, this week CORT Furniture Rental brings you some valuable tips for moving during the summer.  As hot weather is fast-approaching, you’re probably not looking forward to hauling your possessions around and setting up house in the heat.

furniture rentalIn honor of National Moving Month, this week CORT Furniture Rental is focusing on military families on the move.  The world of military moving is complex, confusing, and full of a plethora of acronyms—CONUS, PCS, TDY, EFMP, TLE, TLA, HHG, POC… the list goes on and on. 

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